Oh! So you missed it huh?!! Well, I didn’t!!

VITAL!!  Yes girl! YOU my friend, are a VITAL woman! You are necessary! You are needed!  YOU ARE CHOSEN! That’s how I felt when I left the Vital Women’s Conference 2019 – CHOSEN! 

I know! I know! I’ll tell ya how it all went down! Last year, I was invited by my Pastor to attend the Vital Women’s Conference at Road to Life Church in Michigan City, Indiana!  I had the best time and I was really looking forward to attending this year.  Unfortunately, as we got closer to the actual conference, I entered an unbelievably rough season.  Ugh…and I mean rough.  Since our move from New York to Atlanta, it seems as though my health has been on a terrible decline.  From inflammation trying to take up residence to cysts forming in different places wreaking all types of havoc! Then, on August 2nd, we lost a 42-year-old attorney in our office to Pancreatic Cancer within a month of diagnosis and it just took a toll ya know?  So, I wasn’t quite sure I’d make this trip to Indiana with all of these pain points in my body but I felt a tug and push in my spirit to just GET THERE! 

Once I decided I was definitely going, I was really looking forward to what God was going to do.  Something in my heart was jumping and I just had an expectant heart.  Let’s just say I am so thankful I pressed and made it!  I mean goodness!! There was so much about this trip that gave me a fresh breath!  First of all, I got to spend quality time with some of my V1 Church peeps from New York (I miss them terribly), I got to experience Pastor Nicole Crank, Pastor Kim Pothier aka RealTalkKim, Pastor Vanessa Gargano and of course some great panel talk with my Pastor Julie Signorelli from NY!  We did our good laughing all weekend just because of their speaking styles and that was everything!  I just kept thinking to myself “ugh I needed this…I needed this…”  Just some time alone to laugh, cry and move through my emotions in a “no judgment” zone.  It did my heart and soul so much good to not only re-connect with God and myself but to be in the presence of ladies who build each other up. I could feel the love of all of these ladies!  It was sooo great to even meet so many women who I have connected with online. Putting a real body to a face/name is everything to me! 🙂 

Excuse the picture quality but with all the fun and laughs it was hard to get those crispy pics! 🙂

Not only did I get the fellowship my soul was yearning for but God spoke directly to me through these amazing women of God!  I’ve been struggling with whether or not I should seriously move forward with writing a book.  I’ve started and stopped and started and stopped.  Two months ago, I clearly heard God say go forth but of course, I immediately let my fears jump in telling me this subject is too controversial, people will judge you, they will shame you and you won’t be able to live it down!  But, you KNOW how God does!  He sends us exactly what we need to shut that voice down!  @RealTalkKim literally prophesied about going forth and “writing the book.”  I don’t know how I got through her message without running around the church!

There were so many life-changing words that are helping me through this season and I want to share a few! 

Pastor Nicole Crank:

“Don’t try and be who you aren’t or you will lose who you are!”

“God is looking for you no matter how they try to shove your down. You just gotta be in the right place.”

“David wasn’t perfect. What you have done won’t keep you from being what God created you to be!”

“You can’t fight the battle and win trying to be someone you are not!” Man listen!  OMG! This was the whole truth and nothing but the truth! There is no winning trying to be someone else.

This is the statement that I’ve held on to since leaving: “What makes you awkward in this season is what makes you important in your next season”   The very thing that makes me feel unqualified is exactly what qualifies me!!!  I could run around the church on that one too!

Real Talk Kim:

“Quitting is just gonna prolong the process!” No sense quitting yall!  Just going to have to do it again. 

“It’s a season, not a sentence.”

“If you’ve gotta go through hell, at LEAST come out on fire!” OK!!!

Pastor Vanessa Gargano:

“Don’t be so afraid of making mistakes that you don’t make any moves at all.”  Man, how many times have we all just sat dormant because we were afraid of just messing up??? Well girl, just go do something!

 “Stop hating where you are and start preparing for where you are going.”

“We didn’t choose Him, He Chose US!

I encourage you to take a day or two, spend time with other women and God so you can release and re-focus.  We all go through emotional and physical seasons that just wear us all the way out, but we can’t get stuck there. We have to push to position ourselves to get through it.  I purposely booked a hotel room alone so that I could capitalize on this time away and spend extra time alone with God.  I promise I wasn’t being shady boots! LOL I just wanted to position myself for a listen and release.  I needed to hear Him, no distractions.  I had intimate time praying, listening for His voice, worshipping, studying and purging in that hotel room and it gave me a fresh wind!  And you know what, I simply got some rest!  I slept! There was such a peace in that room that gave me the faith I need to push through this season of trusting God!  

One of the most amazing elements of the weekend was the worship experience!  I was so honored to have the opportunity to rock with RTL Worship team!!  The best part was the last song of the weekend!  OMG!!!! Yes! You get to hear it! I did my best to stand still and not scream just so that YOU could get a good look and listen to Val, an amazing Worship Leader at Road to Life. She ministered this song directly to my heart and I’m still going in on it several weeks later! Check it out on my Youtube Channel here! I hope you enjoy it! 🙂

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